New Millennium Realty property management division is open.  Not only do we help you to buy your investment properties we can manage them for you as well. To found out more call New Millennium Realty today! 614 655-2556

More about our property manager:

My name is Chris Zigan and my passion is real estate of all kinds, I specialize in income and investments but have handled hundreds of residential sales as well.  I have designed our property management division to handle property the same way I handle my own.  I understand the object is to make money out of our investments and the best way to do that is planed expenses not surprises, great tenant selection and customer service to our tenants I also understand that one size does not fits all and every property is different and the management should reflect that.  On the real estate side trust me to give you all the facts and real reasonable information on sales prices and what to expect, I will not tell you one number and keep coming back to get it lowered, I am the type of agent that will walk away from the table to protect my clients interests.  On the buy side I will not only represent you from start to finish but will be of great value as we walk thru homes or investment property determining value and costs or repairs.

Chris Zigan has over 13 years of Real Estate Sales and Management experience.  Chris is the former owner of Help-U-Sell Partners Real Estate and Flat Fee Realty Services Inc. which he sold to a larger management firm in 2012.  After spending five months in Guinea Africa Chris joined New Millennium Real Estate in 2013 and started up our Property Management Division.  Chris not only has a background in Property Management having managed over a thousand units, but currently owns and invests in property and overseas ground up rehab work; Chris has handled Multi-Million dollar investment sales on both the buy and sell sides.  Prior to becoming a licensed Real Estate agent Chris owned Mid Ohio Land Developers and was a Project Manager for FoxFire Log Homes giving him experience dealing with City and Township offices,  Building and Zoning codes and an overall knowledge of construction and construction costs.